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Calforex employs some of the industry’s top traders to help our corporate and preferred clients. Contact a trader for advice on a simple foreign exchange transaction, or have them shine while they offer a customized hedging solution for all of your foreign exchange needs. Our traders can help you review your currency strategies and using proven risk and strategic management tools, can tailor a solution that’s right for your situation. Our traders have your best interests in mind, and are trained to ensure you have the most timely and relevant information.



Contact our traders to book a deal in the spot market and settle with Calforex within 2 business days. Our spot market spreads are unbeatable by any broker or bank!


While North America sleeps, use an overnight market order to set a target exchange rate. The foreign exchange market does not close. There is almost always a country trading. Set a “dream” rate, you have nothing to lose and great rates to gain.


A forward contract is a well-known hedging tool used to buy or sell a currency at a future time at a price agreed upon today. Calforex will provide forward quotes on all major currency pairs. The rate is not based on a spot rate, or upon speculation of what the market may do, but rather, by looking at the current interest rates between the two countries. A forward contract is a binding contract to both parties regardless of market movement.


Options provide our clients an instrument which ensures against adverse exchange rate movements. Calforex options can be structured as zero cost or the buyer pays a price for the option which is known as a premium. If the exchange rate moves unfavorably, a buyer who has hedged his exposure can exercise his option and be protected at a predetermined rate. If favorable exchange rate movements occur, the currency option will not be needed and will expire worthless. The hedged buyer will have benefited from the favorable movement and will execute the transaction in the foreign exchange spot market. Calforex options can be customized to suit you and your company’s specific needs.


As one of Canada’s oldest and most experienced currency brokers, Calforex has had many years of helping our corporate clients manage risk, plan for cash flow cycles and align the right products and services with their needs.

  • Understand your goals and operational needs for cash
  • Review your tolerances for risk
  • Review specific options, spot and other trades to minimize risk and maximize predictability
  • Plan for ongoing advice and strategic reviews to ensure your cash management goals are on track


Calforex operates on a sophisticated financial network that enables us to process payments worldwide, like any other financial institution.


Electronic funds transfer is a fast, convenient, and secure method of processing payment, or transferring funds electronically. EFT reduces security issues encountered with paper transactions, and with same day settlement, your payments can be made or received in a timely and convenient manner.


Sending money via wire transfer either domestically or internationally is one of the most common and secure methods of money transfer. With Calforex, wire fees are significantly less than at the banks and can be done much quicker than most banks. If you want to get your wire to its international destination in a hurry, ask us about our same day wire service to many countries around the world (some countries same day service is not available).


Automated Clearing House system is the primary electronic funds transfer (EFT) system used to make payments in the U.S. More and more often, wire recipients are receiving less than the original amount sent because banks charge incoming wire fees ($15 to $25). Payment through ACH (regulated by US Department of Treasury) ensures the amount sent is the amount received.


Calforex provides valuable cheque services for your convenience, including:

Convenient pick up from our Corporate Head Office or one of our 16 branches, Calforex ensures all U.S. cheques are drawn on a U.S. bank account and settled through the U.S. clearing house system, helping you avoid a lengthy international cheque settlement process.


Swift Logo
SWIFT is a member-owned cooperative through which the financial world conducts its business operations with speed, certainty and confidence. More than 9,700 banking organizations, securities institutions and corporate customers in 209 countries trust them every day to exchange millions of standardised financial messages.

SWIFT only grants membership after a rigorous audit of each individual business. As a member of SWIFT Calforex is able to move money around the world in the quickest and most efficient manner available.

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