Calforex Online

Calforex Edge is Now Calforex Online!

With the same great rates and service Calforex Edge is now Calforex Online. Our private clients and corporate customers can enjoy the freedom to access a
web-based global payments and receivables platform that empowers them to book their FX trades and transfer funds in a secure real time environment.

Existing clients just click on the Client Login link at the top right of the website. New clients scroll down to complete your free account sign up. Happy trading!

Why Calforex Online?


The ability to book transactions from the hundreds to millions of dollars in only 5 clicks


See the real time rates and book your trade anytime from the convenience of your home or office.


Add and save beneficiary templates for quick global payments and convenient trades.


Calforex offers fixed spreads and minimal or no fees on trades. Calforex works with you up front on pre-determined spreads based on your volume.


Secure online payments are safeguarded with top level encryption in over 14 currencies.


You can start using Edge either as part of a 30 day demo account or you can apply for your own live account and get access to Calforex Edge in only minutes.

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Calforex Online for Individuals

Starting with as little as $5000 individuals can place orders for currencies at significant spread discounts over the banks with no transaction fees. As a Calforex EDGE Private Client you can purchase and sell foreign assets at rates traditionally reserved for large commercial clients.

Calforex Online for Business

Extremely Competitive Transparent Rates, Minimal or No Processing Fees, Instant Access to Make Your Own Trades, Easy Bank to Bank Tranfers, Clear Payment Status Visibility, Unparalleled Support. If your company trades internationally, you are likely to send or receive international payments. At Calforex EDGE, we have made these payments simple and cost effective.

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Calforex Online FAQ

I just purchased a home in Arizona; can I use the CALFOREX ONLINE for a 1 time transaction?

Yes, once you’re signed up you can use the EDGE for 1 or many transactions. The account goes dormant after 6 months and will have to be re-activated after that for subsequent transactions.

How long does it take for funds to arrive at the destination?

As soon as Calforex has cleared funds, wires will reach the destination within 1-2 business days. (Some delays can occur beyond the control of Calforex, please email with specific details for an accurate answer).

Can I book a trade from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes. You can book a transaction from your Smartphone or Tablet in 2-7 minutes

Can I choose multiple beneficiaries?

Yes, you may choose as many beneficiaries as you need.

Can I still speak with a trader about a transaction?

Yes, of course you can use the expertise of a live trader if you have any questions about a transaction contact them at 1-800-769-2025.

How do I stay informed on what is going on in the foreign exchange market?

As an EDGE member you have access to the most up to date news feed available. The live feed is updated throughout the day and keeps you informed. The news can be found in the “news section” after you have logged in.

Why is the CALFOREX ONLINE better that the bank or another broker?

Simple, The CALFOREX ONLINE is the most user friendly efficient service available. The spread is predetermined and YOU have a say in what it is!!!

How can I use the CALFOREX ONLINE for my clients?

Financial service companies, Law firms, or any company that has clients that require foreign exchange services can use the CALFOREX ONLINE to transact on behalf of their clients.