Private Clients


Whether you need to make a one-off purchase, regular overseas transfers, or you are receiving funds; our private client team will help ensure the process is easy and as cost effective as possible.

Trusted leader in Foreign Exchange

As a private client, you will benefit from a secure, world-class system and have international payments tracked every step of the way to its destination.

Best Exchange Rates

After opening your FREE account, your assigned Calforex currency dealer will give you a current commercial exchange rate. Because foreign exchange transfers are Calforex Personal Payments’ sole focus, they will always beat the ‘tourist rate’ and quote a more competitive rate than high street banks.

Fast Payments

Calforex operate the fastest and easiest systems to speed up and simplify the account opening and trading process. Once Calforex has received your application, they can arrange your foreign exchange payments by phone or fax instantly. With Calforex you can take advantage of a same day international payment service.

Personalized Service

Whether you’re making small regular payments or a large property purchase, you will have access to a dedicated currency dealer. Your trader can monitor the markets on your behalf and help reduce transaction costs by timing your transactions efficiently.


It’s easy to get set up and free, simply fill in the online registration form below. It takes a couple of minutes to complete and you will get an account opening confirmation email to inform you when everything is set up and ready to go. Accounts are usually set up within 24 hours. If we need any further documentation to support your application, we will contact you to let you know. Once set up, we can lock in rates for you immediately and walk you through the next steps of making an overseas payment. We can also provide you with market news to keep an eye on the market for you if you have a target rate or even discuss our forward contract offering which allows you to a secure a rate today for a date in the future.

Private Clients Online Application